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Yes, Elvis Hoshida is my real name . You can guess how big fan of the king my mother is.Born and raised in Brazil but i spent the last 10 years of my life in Japan and still counting . This blog is a place to show my work. So enjoy the photos and spread the love around .Thx ps: prints are available for sale , just drop me an e-mail. Please don't use any of my images before contact me
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:: Tuesday, November 30, 2010 ::

The last couple photos were about the underground culture life in Japan .
This one is a pure example of the how many faces Japan has !
Eiheji is the of the most famous zen temples in the whole world and i catch myself coming back to the place every other year .
Pictures of the monks are not allowed there , but anyone with some common sense can get a sneak photo . Just be respectful , having a camera and think of yourself as a photographer doesn't give you the right to disturb the pace and peace of the place .
If you ever get around Fukui prefecture in Japan ,stop by Eiheji .
You won't regret it .

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:: Friday, November 26, 2010 ::

Last saturday the guys from "Steel Body " had an event here in Kanazawa .
And of course i was there ! Built a DIY white backdrop and got all the cool kids to show up their tattoos .
I had a blast that night and a really bad hangover the next morning .
Thanks Leo and Jun to invite me over and let me do my thing and to all the cool cats that gave me a bit of their time to pose .
About the kid on the pic . I don't think he really believes that "god hate us all" coz he was smiling all the time and was nice to everyone around .

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:: Thursday, November 25, 2010 ::

It's always good when i have some stupid idea for a photo and my friends jump on it without asking anything !
Thanks ladies for the cooperation ;)
Ps:The hard part was keep the door shut while taking these pics!
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:: Wednesday, November 24, 2010 ::

This J-girl had too much to drink and these guys were taking turns carrying the poor thing !
I had my Ricoh GR3 with and i couldn't let it pass ! Got a bit too close but i got the pic :)
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:: Sunday, November 07, 2010 ::

A dark dirt alley in York ,England . Lovely city with some nice folks !
Photosushi has been to places , Japan is the place i living on now . But once in a while photosushi get on the road !
Ps: Back ops is around the corner ! This means probably i will be away for a while ;)
Leave your comment the are always appreciated .

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Hi everyone !!!
I was looking through some old slides and negatives other day . God , i can't believe how long had pass without me even touch my archive of films.
Digital is here to stay and i know it . But i really believe that film still have space on the photography world .
I kind feel sorry for someone nowadays who never had the chance of spend hours on the darkroom looking at trays and be amazed when that image you made start to appear on the paper like magic .
If you have a REAL passion about photography and never a chance of shooting film , please do yourself a favor ! Get a point and shoot camera ,load with film and take some photos . I'm sure you will love the feeling of press the shutter and not be sure how it will come out .
So today i decided to upload a film photo i made years a go in Paris ! It's a cliche but is my cliche and i am proud of it !
And i'm am proud to say that i took my Bronica 6x6 full manual without a photometer and my Nikon F5 for a ride ! It's soo good to turn a nob to crank the film or hear the sound of the motor drive advance the film .
Most important ! Have fun !!!!!

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:: Monday, November 01, 2010 ::

Another kind of japanese female .
Forget about geishas or hyper fashion Shibuya girls .
This is the japanese schoolgirl in her environment . Indifferent to the real world around her but deep inside of the internet world on her mobile phone .
Shoot from the hip with my beloved Ricoh GR3 .
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